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High Quality, Durable Powder-Coating Finish

Abbey Group delivers high quality powder-coating from our Liverpool manufacturing facility and we provide our clients with high quality, durable finishes to metal objects from handles, soffits and drainpipes to gates, balustrades and vehicle parts.

Powder-coating is a modern process providing a tough surface area to your metal object and long-term protection against unfavourable conditions. At Abbey Group we have a range of powder-coating services covering large projects such as automotive and commercial applications to one off individual projects.

Powder Coating preparation by our Liverpool team

Preparation is key to successful powder coating. Our investment in modern shot blasting facilities removes dust and spent materials such as surface rust, mill scale and paint. All residue is collected and removed by licensed waste contractors keeping the cost of materials to a minimum.

Shot blasting is an environmentally friendly method used to remove paint. It is an essential process to get the best finish for your powder coated metal object.

Automatic powder coating reciprocators

Abbey Group’s sophisticated automatic powder coating reciprocators ensure a consistent and even coating to components. We can powder coat large quantities of components to be simultaneously or in sequence which dramatically reduces the time required to produce the finished article.

Manual powder coating

For smaller items or short production runs we have the facility to manually spray components.

Our extensive facilities include pre-treatment systems combined with the latest application equipment and curing solutions to guarantee long lasting results.

Powder coating colours, textures and special applications

A wide range of colours are available including metallic finishes in surface textures such as gloss, semi-gloss, matt, hammered or textured. We can offer colour matching to RAL, BS, Pantone, Dulux and swatch matching.

In-line Oven

Our inline powder coat oven handle lengths of up to 8 metres dependant on weight and with our conveyor system this ensures a consistent finish to the product.

Box Oven

Our 8M x 3.5M X 2.5M box oven is one of the biggest ovens of its kind in the North West of England and enhances our production capacity.

High efficiency

  • Superior powder curing due to very even temperature
  • High volume Low pressure hot air circulation
  • Minimised powder ‘blow off’ due to HVLP circulation
  • Ability to cure mixed colours without risk of cross-contamination

To talk to our engineering team in Liverpool today call us on 0151 546 4220 or complete the enquiry form to send us a message.

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