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Need more space?

Before you start thinking of moving to a new facility or leasing additional space, consider going vertical by adding a steel platform. A warehouse steel platform is an ideal, cost effective solution for gaining space in your facility. Steel platforms multiply warehouse floor space allowing you to expand your storage capacity. They can be free standing or rack supported.

Steel is an incredibly versatile material for building and construction, and is widely applicable in many industrial spaces. Its strength and versatility makes it perfect for a wide range of structural elements, such as steel platforms and crossovers.


If you’re in need of crossover platforms to provide safe, convenient work conditions in your facility, The Abbey Group is your partner. We supply custom industrial crossover platform systems according to your specifications and drawings, so you don’t have to settle for catalogue platforms that don’t suit your needs.

A well-placed crossover platform allows a safe walkway over busy work areas, obstacles or hazardous environments instead of having to go around or through them.

Crossover walkways shield expansive equipment, pipes, conveyors, air ducts, skylights and cables from foot traffic damage, reducing maintenance costs and production downtime. We can also provide a range of anti-slip products for extra safety.

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