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At Abbey Group we can deliver strategic support and solutions for both sides of your meter. We can offer modern renewable energy solutions from solar and wind power to energy storage. On the ‘bills’ side we can help you choose the right energy contract that suits your business strategy. We can create and implement a Strategic Energy Solution bespoke to your needs.

Weighing up the options

It seems there is almost an infinite number of energy contracts from a myriad of suppliers making the right choice almost impossible to make. However, the choice you make will have long-term implications in terms of costs and quality of supply.

That is why at Abbey Group we look at your business first before presenting energy solutions suitable for your business.

Gathering the information and assessing your options and forecasts takes time and expertise. We can prepare all the options, comparisons and risk assessments for you with an analysis of what is right for your organisation and your energy needs.

More control over costs and cash-flow

During times of high market volatility, fluctuating energy prices can eat into your margins and impact profitability significantly.

An energy expert can conduct thorough market forecasting to recommend the most suitable contract for your needs, securing favourable rates for a set period of time, protecting you from any sharp spikes in the market.

This increased level of control allows for better budgeting over the lifetime of your contract and all supplier correspondence will be dealt with by your relationship manager – ensuring there is one less thing to worry about.

To save money on your energy costs talk to our team today. Call us on 0151 546 4220 or fill in our enquiry form below.

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