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Efficient, reliable energy production

Technology has improved dramatically and solar panels are much more efficient in producing electricity and cost effective to install. Why not put your roof or land space to good use and, more importantly, reduce your energy costs too? Many commercial organisations are already benefitting from the potential income stream available from solar energy. Simply by utilising the roof space on your commercial premises, agricultural buildings, factories, warehouses, schools or hospitals, you can install solar power generators and start generating solar energy.

Roof mounted solar panels

By far the most popular choice for commercial premises, solar panels on the roof of your premises is a great way of generating clean energy to power your business. Solar panels can be fixed to almost any roof type, including flat roofs – even asbestos roofs.

We have a number of solutions depending on your roof size and shape, so talk to our team today.

Ground mounted solar panels

The vast majority of businesses choose the roof solar PV systems, but occasionally it might not be suitable. The shape might not right for solar panels or the pitch of the roof may mean it’s in shade most of the time. If you have land around your business then ground solution may be a viable option and can also be used if your roof solar PV system has been so successful you want to increase on-site generation.

To save money on your energy costs talk to our team today. Call us on 0151 546 4220 or fill in our enquiry form below.

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