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Thermal Spray – Zinc

Our Protective Coatings department specialises in galvanising products through our thermal spray facility specifically using Zinc. Far better in terms of reliability and results than hot dip galvanising:

  • Same Day turnaround
  • No Fettling required
  • 20+ year lifespan
  • Denser coats possible (up to 250 microns)

Should you not require our Specialist Galvanising Thermal Spray we can arrange for the work to be collected, galvanized and fettled, pretreated and powder coated, and finally delivered back.

Benefits over Hot Dip Galvanising

Thermal spraying is a technology which protects and greatly extends the life of a wide variety of products in the most hostile environments and in situations where coatings are vital for longevity.

Thermal spraying is carried out in a wide range of markets, including oil and gas, construction, petrochemical and marine.

The heat generally won’t exceed 100 degrees Centigrade so won’t deform the structure it is sprayed on like a Hot Dip bath can. A Hot Dip Galvanising temperature is close to the melting point of steel so can cause deformation. There tends to also be a need for additional abrasive work to be done on the structures with Hot Dip Galvanising because there are a number of snots and slag that needs to be removed plus any holes would need re-drilling, so creates more work. With Thermal Spraying you can paint the structures straight after it has been sprayed.

  • Perfect finish – No fettling required
  • Lower temperature – No distortion
  • Longer life span
  • Denser coats possible – 250µ plus
  • Better adhesion for powder coating
  • No transport issues
  • Same Day turnaround

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