A Bespoke Request Always Excites Us At Abbey Group!


We were given the task to design and manufacture a tool storage bench, along with a KPI/Production board. We wanted to make this completely bespoke to the client, with safety and practicality in mind.

Taking into consideration that the tool bench is to be used by a number of different staff members.

Each tool has a designated location, making it easy to find and put away safely after use. This eliminates the risk of injury to staff or damage of tools in the process.

The idea to design the production boards on castors gives the customer more room and flexibility when displaying information.

This also makes it easy to transport to another location when needed. It was also important to keep the design and colour schema uniform to the branding of the business.


The feedback from the customer has been excellent!

“The quality and standard of the

  products are second to none!”

At the Abbey Group we pride ourselves on providing only quality products, using the best materials