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The Abbey Group Specialist Coatings Division are AkzoNobel Approved and are accredited in the following key disciplines

– Shot / Bead / Grit Blasting

– Galvanising

– Wet Paint

– Powder Coating

Abbey Group’s shot blasting in Liverpool is ideal for steel and other ferrous metals to prepare a surface for painting or powder coating. Our team, specialising in shot blasting, is skilled in what they do and has extensive training behind them to ensure that you receive the best possible results when working with us. This service is also complimented with our priming, painting and stone/brick sealing to protect the surface of your metal post-blasting. This all round, comprehensive offering allows you to be completely at ease with the fact that your metal is as strong and durable as possible.


Shot blasting is an essential pre-treatment to powder coating, in order to achieve the best long-lasting finish. Without this vital process, your metal is likely to be exposed and in need of treating again, costing you time and money in the long term. By working with the experienced team at Abbey Group, we can use our specialist shot blasting service to enable us to achieve the best finish for each and every one of our clients.

We provide detailed shot blasting to make sure that all rust and previous mill scale is removed in its entirety, bringing the metal surface back to its original, pre-treated condition. Only at this point can the metal be powder coated, and we make sure this is done thoroughly and properly by strongly adhering to the industry standard fixed at SA 3 and SA 2.5 in order to be judged fit for powder coating.

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So, what exactly does the shot blasting process involve?

During our shot blasting in Liverpool, we fire minute particles to erode surface contamination. Our North West based team have sufficient levels of training, experience and expertise as we offer unrivalled attention to detail on all projects, which is paramount with the differing size, shape and metallic nature of each item.

At Abbey Group, we have invested in the latest blast cabinets and blast rooms which use dry and wet processes of shot blasting. The dry process is based on suction and the wet system is based on injecting liquid abrasives. This wet process is only used when there is a possibility of damage to a metallic surface from the heat generated from friction in the dry procedure. This is something that our judgment never lets us down on, so you can be assured your metal will remain in the best possible condition.

We use manually operated and automated shot blasting machines for pre-treatment of metallic items. This process is an imperative part of powder coating, so you can be assured that we take both tasks as seriously as eachother. It cannot be avoided as it is the underlining factor for a perfect powder-coated finish, something we strive for on every single job!


We have two Techno Wash machines as part of our Specialist Coatings division, which brings huge benefits to our service. Both machines are used to clean the products prior to them being powder coated, giving the ideal surface for a smooth finish as well as increased adhesion, ensuring that your metal is a lot more long lasting and resistant to damage.

Our two machines include a top loaded Techno Wash, ideal for smaller cleaning parts. This machine is quick and efficient to use for all of our staff, so we can make sure your job gets completed as quickly as possible without compromising on quality.

We also have a front loaded Techno Wash, used for larger industrial objects. This machine has a faster cycle time than the top loaded washer, but uses a lot more energy as a result. However, this energy expenditure helps achieve a high level of results, which ultimately upholds our reputation as a service that provides happy customers every single time, due to our fast turnaround times and superior finish.

Want to know more about our shot blasting in Liverpool? If so, give us a call on 0151 546 4220, drop us an email at sales@abbeygroup.co.uk or fill out our online form below and one of our team will reply to your enquiry as soon as possible.


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Although they are both processes in the same field, shot blasting and sandblasting are fundamentally different. The difference lies in the technique used to clean and clear your metal, ready for the next process.

Sandblasting uses compressed air to fire at the metal at high speeds and considerable force, to rid the metal of any impurities or marks that could affect the paint when applied. By contrast, shot blasting – the technique offered at Abbey Group - uses highly powered machinery to perform this process. We only invest in the very best machinery so you can be assured that you’ll benefit from a top-class service.

When it comes to shot blasting in Liverpool, we’re the experts. We fully understand the shot blasting process, and as such, our customers are always satisfied with the end product they receive.

Pre-treatment – just like shot blasting - is used to help prepare the metal for a new coat of paint or powder coating. By performing this process, you’re helping the paint adhere to the metal underneath, allowing it to be smoothly applied to the surface and giving it that clean, crisp finish that you’re so desperately looking for.

By pre-treating the surface beforehand, you will significantly improve the durability of the metal. It will protect the metal from rust and corrosion, keeping it stronger and better looking during its lifespan.

As you can tell, pre-treatment is hugely important to the finish of your metal. If any of these processes are skipped and the surface is painted without any pre-treatment, you will quickly be able to see the defects that appear due to a lack of strong and durable material underneath.


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