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CNC Machining Services

The Abbey Group operate 4 CNC Milling and Turning machines plus a range of Conventional Lathes, Milling machines and Drilling.

24 hour operation – Specialists at reverse engineering customer samples through to large volume production runs.

CNC Milling

At Abbey Group, we are proud to offer one of the most competitive CNC milling machine services around, and always commit to providing the highest standards possible. How do we do this? By using state of the art machinery with  a variety of different materials and grades, including aluminium, stainless steel and carbon steel, giving you a comprehensive service that you can be happy with.

We offer CNC milling services in the UK to customer specification, delivering every order on time and to budget. Our customers are delighted with our consistently high levels of quality, due to our thorough internal inspection regime, that upholds the highest possible standards in all services that we provide. This is combined with our excellent customer service, particularly when it comes to our CNC machining services and advanced machining capabilities.

We can offer both manual and CNC milling services, whether this is needed for low quantity prototype machining or something on a larger scale with big production quantities.

  • CAM programming at the machine or via DNC link.
  • Complex components programmed and running within a few hours.
  • Low and high volume.
  • Innovative solutions to problem machining.


Our HAAS VF3 and a HAAS VF4 CNC Milling machines have machining capacities of X-Axis 1016mm to 1250mm / Y-Axis 508mm.

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CNC Turning

At Abbey Group, we have a strong fleet of machinery at our disposal, which help to keep our CNC machining in Liverpool as efficient as possible. This includes a range of lathe machines that are on hand to produce different components within a specified tolerance, surface finish and other parameters – all at economical rates.

Although many turned parts use a single axis of revolution, there can be multiple axes that allow more flexibility throughout the whole machine, allowing it to achieve more than your standard CNC machine is capable of.

CNC turning can be combined with CNC milling and a range of other CNC machining processes to create more diverse and complex shapes, so you can always achieve the metal finish you have in mind with the help of Abbey Group!

We can produce many kinds of bushes and sleeves that are manufactured from Nylon, Carbon, Non-Ferrous and other exotic materials.

Abbey Group can also offer precision machined shafts to meet your requirements. e.g. Ground shafts, Motor shafts and Pump shafts.

Turning Machine

Our HAAS ST 10Y can turn up to 45mm Ø bar and our HAAS ST 30Y can machine up to 76mm Ø bar.

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Conventional Machining

At Abbey Group we ensure that we have several ‘traditional’ manual machines – including Centre Lathes, Milling Machines and Pillar Drills – to retain a high degree of flexibility and allow us to produce parts with little or no lead time. By having this range of assets at our disposal when CNC machining in Liverpool, we can deal with any enquiry or requirement of us quickly, without having to compromise on quality at any point.

Whilst our focus is on repetition parts, we’re also capable of producing one-off prototypes, small batches and fast turnaround repair work.

Colchester lathes – Master 1400, 1600, 2500
Chuck 320mmØ to 440mmØ
Saddle 200mmØ to 260mmØ
Centres 1000mm to 1400mm

Bridgeport Mill – Series 1
Table 700mm x 40mm

Q&S Pillar Drill
13mm Chuck / Morse 3 taper

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The process of CNC turning is one that is thorough, to ensure that the end result is accurate, high quality and mapped out carefully to follow the exact requirements of the customer. The process begins by using CAD technology to create a model in which the CNC machine can follow. Once this is completed – and with the help of our specialist team of experts – we will then convert the CAD model into a CNC program for our machines to cut. Once the machines have been set up they will then use the given materials to cut your required shapes to an exceptional standard.

Here at Abbey Group, we use our state-of-the-art milling machines to cut through a variety of metals, giving you the choice of which suits your needs best. These metals and grades include aluminium, stainless steel and carbon steel just to name a few. Each one provides the highest quality of results for our customers, so you can benefit from a solid, yet stylish material that provides the perfect base for your intended design and use.

If you would like to get in touch with our team regarding the materials we use for our CNC turning process, then be sure to give us a call on 0151 546 4220 or email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

To talk to our engineering team in Liverpool today call us on 0151 546 4220 or complete the enquiry form to send us a message.

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